Suffering from Neck Pain? Here are a Few Tips to Ease your Agony

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Most of us suffer from neck pain from time to time. There are so many potential causes from arthritis to sleeping in the wrong position, sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents causing a condition known as whiplash, and most frequently poor posture. Neck pain can cause loss in range of motion, headaches, and is often accompanied with upper back or shoulder blade pain.

If you suffer from neck pain, donít ignore it. Even if the pain will resolve on its own there are some adjustments in your personal life that you can make to help ease the pain, and in some cases prevent it from reoccurring depending on the cause of your pain. Exercise is right at the top of our list. There are targeted stretching and strengthening exercises for the neck along with postural exercises that can make a difference long term. Make sure you are not slouching at your desk, posture is important. Your physical therapist can evaluate your positioning to help you make the right adjustments. Be aware of your neck position while texting or using a tablet. This forward flex positioning can place a huge strain on your neck over time. Stick to one pillow when you sleep and consider a cervical roll to support your neckís natural curve. The use of multiple pillows places stress on you neckís muscles, joints, and discs.

Not all neck pain will resolve on its own, and it is important to be evaluated by your doctor or physical therapist to ensure that the cause of your pain does not require further treatment. There are a number of treatments available for individuals suffering from neck pain, and the majority of cases can be treated through physical therapy. Contact Mid America Rehab for more information about how we can help ease your neck pain.