New CDC Recommendations Point to Physical Therapy Over Drug Therapy for Pain

Monday, March 21, 2016

Pain can be progressive or happen without warning. It can be due to a congenital problem, deteriorating condition, or a sudden injury. It can be debilitating and exhausting, and anyone that suffers from chronic pain knows that the promise of relief is worth its weight in gold. Just this week the CDC released new recommendations for the use of opioids for the treatment of some chronic pain. The new recommendations are aimed at reducing the use of these often addictive medications by recommending over-the-counter, non-opioid medications, and physical therapy to treat chronic pain whenever possible.

As physical therapists we have been trained to help provide a natural solution for pain. Physical therapy can help alleviate pain through a comprehensive approach. With a thorough evaluation, your physical therapist can tailor a specialized treatment with a combination of stretch, strengthening, aerobic exercises, & myofascial techniques. They create a plan that will reduce or eliminate the need for drugs.

If you are experiencing chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, or back, ask your doctor about physical therapy and how it can help you live a life without chronic pain.