How Physical Therapy Helped Ruth Allcock Post-pone Hip Surgery and Recover Faster than Anyone Expected

Friday, December 16, 2016
Ruth Allcock with Bob Sherrill, MBA, PT, CHT, CEAS and Tyler Majors PT, CEAS

When Ruth Allcock’s doctor told her that she would need a hip replacement to relieve her pain from a bad arthritic hip, it was the last thing she wanted to hear. When he told her she could try physical therapy first, she contact Mid America Rehab to see what, if anything, they could do to help her.

Ruth met Physical Therapist and Owner Bob Sherrill who immediately began to work with her at the clinic and develop exercises she could do at home to help with her pain. “It was a miracle,” said Ruth when asked about the therapy. “I was almost completely pain free for two years. At that point, if I began to have pain, I would go in to work with Bob and my pain would subside.”

The work that Bob did with Ruth allowed per to postpone surgery for as long as possible. When both the therapist and the doctor felt that it was time, Bob worked with Ruth to help strengthen her body in preparation for her surgery.

After surgery, Ruth’s recovery was nothing short of miraculous. “For most people, a hip replacement is considered a major surgery, but for me, it was minor. I used a walker for three days after surgery and that was it. I was so strong thanks to the work that Bob had done with me prior to my surgery, and the post-op physical therapy with Tyler, that I just took off afterward.” Ruth said that her nurses and doctors were amazed with her fast recovery time as well. “I have to give the credit to Bob. He had me ready,” said Ruth.

After surgery, Ruth worked with Tyler Majors. “I absolutely loved Tyler. He was great. He pushed me as far as I could go and gave me exercises to do regularly at home that I use to this day. It’s like I never had hip replacement and I am pain free!”

Ruth said that some of the most important things she took from this experience are that, “people need to prepare for surgery physically, but most importantly, you have to do what your Physical Therapist tells you!”