Don't Let Sport Injuries Stop your Season in its Tracks

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sports activities have become a big part of many of our lives. Our children and grandchildren have vastly more opportunities to participate in athletic programs, and with an ever increasing focus on health we find ourselves involved in sports as adults. With these opportunities come the looming possibility of sports injuries. In fact, according to USA Today, 1.35 million youth suffer from sports injuries annually including strains, sprains, fractures, contusions and abrasions, concussions, lacerations and dislocations. Not all sports injuries can be prevented, but some can. At Mid America Rehab our Sports Physical Therapy focuses on treatment and rehabilitation, and injury prevention, along with opportunities for performance enhancement for athletes.

By evaluating an athlete before their season begins through injury screening, Mid America Rehab can identify areas of possible concern including weak or inflexible muscles that could be prone to injury. They will then develop a program to help prevent injury to any of those areas including proper warm up and stretching techniques.

To target performance enhancement, we design a program for the specific needs of each athlete based on their abilities, goals, sport and position.

When injuries do occur, physical therapy offers an avenue for faster, safer recovery. Many sports related injuries can cause long term pain, immobility, and discomfort. They can make participation in sports impossibly temporarily or permanently. As a part of your physical therapy, you will learn exercises, stretches and techniques that will address your injury and help prevent reoccurrence. Consistent and timely therapy improves the odds of total recovery from sports related injuries.