Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic physical therapy is therapy performed in a pool. There are many people who suffer from chronic low back, hip and knee pain who do not tolerate a regular land-based exercise program. They may have great results with a water exercise program.

When you exercise in the water your body weight is decreased which lessens the stress on weight bearing joints such as the low back, hip, knee and ankle. Other benefits include increased circulation, muscle relaxation and decreased swelling. Depending on how you exercise, water will either assist or resist movement in the pool.

Mid America Rehab offers aquatic therapy at our Perryville and Bloomsdale locations. Our pools are heated and provide a comfortable atmosphere for therapy year round. If you suffer from pain and have difficulty finding a pain-free form of exercise, talk to your doctor. An aquatic physical therapy program may be what you need.

Our Perryville pool is open to Fitness Members Monday & Wednesday 7AM-4PM, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday 7-8AM, 10:30AM-1PM, & 2:30PM-4PM.

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