Industrial Consultation

Industrial Consultation

Job Analysis

Mid America Rehab can identify a job's physical demands or any potential hazards so you can implement a "quick fix" or design an ergonomic program. An objective job analysis can also expedite return to work by assisting health care providers in developing a treatment plan specific to a worker's job demands. Or it may assist the employer in developing a bank of light duty jobs to help decrease lost time.

Ergonomics Program Development

The experts at Mid America Rehab can assist you in developing your ergonomics program so that you will effectively decrease workplace stresses.

Job Descriptions

Based on data gathered in a comprehensive job analysis, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive job description, detailing the physical requirements necessary for a worker to safely perform any particular job.

Injury Prevention Education

Workers often benefit from assistance in learning how to use their bodies in the most efficient way on the job. Also, simple stretching programs designed to target identified weaknesses can be very effective for many workers.

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