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Mar. 30, 2022


Keeping You in the Game. How Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists Can Help. As we close out National Athletic Training Month, we want to share with you some of the great things you can take advantage of that our Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists offer our local athletes. Not only can they help when injury does occur, but they play...

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Feb. 09, 2021

Is Inflammation Good or Bad?

Is Inflammation Good or Bad? & How What You Eat Can Make a Difference As Physical Therapists we see and deal with inflammation every single day. There is a balancing act when it comes to inflammation. Believe it or not an inflammatory response is one of the body’s natural responses to increase healing. This is a useful tool when recovering...

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Jun. 09, 2020

Back to Sports? Here’s our Athletic Trainers’ advice!

So many of us have been figuratively benched when it comes to recreational, club and school sports. The good news is, with the loosening of some restrictions, sports are gearing back up. Practice may not look the same as it did this time last year, but we are sure to see a return to some level of normalcy and that...

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Dec. 20, 2019

When Your World Spins

Living with Vertigo – Wanda’s Story If you have ever suffered from even a short bout of vertigo, you understand just how miserable it can make you feel. The symptoms associated with vertigo can include dizziness, loss of balance, and nausea. The fact is that vertigo is actually a symptom not a condition, and it can be caused by a...

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Jun. 25, 2019

Pediatric Physical Therapy

How Physical Therapy can help your child It’s true that the vast majority of patients that Physical Therapists see are adults, and often when we see children it tends to be for things like sports related injuries, but there are so many things that Physical Therapists can do for pediatric patients that go well beyond sports. In fact, Physical Therapist...