WorkSTEPS Employment Testing

WorkSTEPS Employment Testing

Approximately 10% of the American workforce is unable to safely perform the jobs they are hired to do. This same 10% accounts for 75% of all employee injury costs. The Americans with Disabilities Act stipulates that an employer is not required to hire or retain an employee who cannot safely perform the essential functions of the job. We offer the following services for employment testing.

Post-Offer Work Evaluation

A comprehensive test that assesses a worker's ability to perform essential job functions and screens for pre-existing conditions that may place the employee at medical risk for a job. Employers are provided with a Pass/Fail recommendation within 24 hours of testing.

Carpal Tunnel Testing

Determines a worker's medical risk for jobs with exposure to repetitive motion or cumulative trauma.

Fit-for-Duty Evaluation and Targeted Rehabilitation Services

Determines work readiness after an injury and detects symptom magnification behaviors that may be delaying return to work.

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