Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy

No one plans to get hurt in sports but unfortunately, statics reveal that 90% of student-athletes report some type of injury over their sports career, and over 50% report playing with an injury. These injuries range from sprains to concussions. It’s not just student-athletes. It is true that the numbers are lower for recreational sports, but starting with Pre-K sports and going up to the senior games people that participate in athletic events can be prone to injuries. The good news is there are ways to help treat most injuries and in some cases prevent them.

At Mid America Rehab, our Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers focus on the health of athletes of all ages. Our aim is preventing, treating, and rehabilitating orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Our goal is to keep you active in the sport that you love. We are here to help identify and treat, or refer the athlete to a physician for additional evaluation or treatment. We can also provide emergency care during sporting and recreational events.

Mid America Rehab offers several programs and services for our local athletes:

Sports Screenings - If you or your child sustain an injury or feel pain resulting from participation in sports, Mid America Rehab offers FREE sports screenings to assess the condition and help provide recommendations on recovery or referral to a physician for further evaluation. If at any time you feel you or your child have a serious injury, we recommend consulting your physician immediately.

Sports Therapy - Mid America Rehab has Certified Athletic Trainers on staff. We work with and visit local schools and athletes to help educate, prevent, and treat injuries sustained through sports participation. Our therapists treat athletes post-injury or surgery to get them back in the game and help prevent future injuries. With state-of-the-art therapies including blood flow restriction training and dry needling, our therapists work to lessen recovery time and increase strength and endurance for our athletes.

CORE Fitness - We offer programs to maximize your athletic performance by targeting your individual needs based on your goals and the skills required by your sport and your individual position or event. With the help of trained professionals, your performance will be enhanced through education, professional instruction, skill development, and hard work. Available in Perryville, Ste. Genevieve and Bloomsdale.

ImPACT - A free program for athletes of all ages, ImPACT can help determine the severity following a concussion. It identifies subtle changes in brain function, evaluates the post-injury condition, and tracks recovery. Baseline tests are performed for all student-athletes at the start of each season but are available upon request to non-student athletes. Available in our Perryville and Ste. Genevieve locations.

Getting Started

At Mid America Rehab, we care about our patients and our athletes’ specific needs and goals. If you or your child participate in athletics and want to learn more about our services, contact us anytime and learn how we can help keep you safe, healthy, and in the game!

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