Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy

Mid America Rehab offers advanced hand rehabilitation services. Our board certified hand therapists include Robert Sherrill, PT, CHT and Ryan Buchheit, PT, CHT, Casey Koller, DPT, CHT, and Wynnette Sherrill, OTR/L, CHT who combined bring with them decades of experience in physical and hand therapy.

Certified hand therapists require extensive clinical experience and at least 4,000 hours of direct practice in hand therapy. They have thorough knowledge in their field and have passed comprehensive testing for the rehabilitation of the upper extremities. They practice continuing education and are re-certified every 5 years.

At Mid America Rehab we offer all aspects of hand care from wound care to custom splinting/orthoses, from casting to rehabilitation for minor or major traumas. We utilize many modalities from fluidotherapy and paraffin bath to PGS and ultrasound.

Our therapists have extensive experience in conditions of the upper extremities including hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder conditions.

You can see a Certified Hand Therapist at our Cape Girardeau, Jackson, Perryville, or Ste. Genevieve clinics where we offer same day appointments when you need them.

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