Balance & Neuropathy Clinic

Balance & Neuropathy Clinic

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Our bodies have a complex network of nerves that connect our brains with every aspect of our bodies. The nerves that originate in the spine and extend out into the body provide sensation and motor control for the feet. Damage or restriction of these nerves can affect sensation and movement causing pain, tingling, and loss of feeling.

Who Can Benefit

As Physical Therapists, we are trained to provide and administer interventions for the treatment of conditions including Neuropathy of the foot (Peripheral Neuropathy).

There are many causes of Peripheral Neuropathy. Physical therapy can be helpful regardless of the underlying cause through maintaining strength, mobility, and function. Patients that suffer from diabetic neuropathy can also benefit, but must also be diligent in controlling blood sugar levels.

How it Works

We utilize a combination of multiple treatments to improve the symptoms caused by Peripheral Neuropathy.

Modalities including electrical stimulation, infrared therapy, ultrasound, low-level laser, and heat and ice help to decrease pain and inflammation.

With physical therapy and manual therapy, including balance and strength training, we work to help you regain mobility and range of motion in the feet and lower legs, restore stability to help prevent falls and improve movement. Sensory stimulation can also assist in sensitizing or desensitizing affected areas.

You will also be provided with a home exercise program that will further enhance the effects of your treatment.

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